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In order for mankind to effectively traverse and colonise the solar system, time-of-flight must be reduced. To achieve this, high-energy density is required and currently the greatest hope for both terrestrial electricity generation and such space travel is nuclear fusion.


This study’s aims are to produce a realistic and viable fusion space platform design using modifications to terrestrial fusion power plant concepts that can produce a power plant that can deliver specific powers over 1kW/kg with times between maintenance greater than 3 years.

As we design and produce reports and publications the Project hopes to provide all the models, data, references, literature, papers and reports on this website allowing people everywhere to keep in touch with the Project and maybe even create their own interplanetary space platform.

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This project is a British Interplanetary Society Technical Projects

The work was based on the following

Initial Thesis:

D. A. Homfray

A Compact Spherical Tokamak Power Plant Enabling Fast Interplanetary Travel

MSc Thesis, School of Aerospace, Transport & Manufacturing, Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK, 2015.


Initial Paper:

D. A. Homfray,  M. Gorley, C. Harrington, A. Hollingsworth, T. H. Matos de Carvalho and J. Morris

"Technology Roadmap for a Magnetically Confined Fusion Powered Spacecraft"

Proceedings of the 14th Reinventing Space Conference - RISpace14, London, UK, 24th -27th October, 2016

Summary Report:

TOKNEP Overview

BIS Technical Project

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